Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Setup

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Setup – The Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Setup S Note app helps you create, edit, and manage notes. Here The Samsung Note 7 manual tutorial

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Setup

galaxy2bnote72bs2bpen2bsetupSign in to your Samsung Note7 account or Ever note account to access your notes in S Note from any device.
With S Pen Note7, create content by typing, writing, drawing, and even recording voice, video, or taking pictures. Templates are provided to make content creation easy and help keep things organized.

Galaxy Note 7 Create a Note

Samsung Note7 Tutorial To create a note with S Note:

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > S Note.
  2. Tap the Add icon.
  3. Use the S Pen to create content.
  4. To use a template, tap More > Add template.
  5. When finished, tap Save.

Galaxy Note 7 Edit a Note

When in the Samsung Note 7 S Note app, you can edit notes as follows:

  1. Tap a note to view it.
  2. Tap Edit to edit the note.

Read more Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Manual Tutorial with us.


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